What does a new home inspection look for?

What does a Home Inspection look for?

For as often as home inspections are conducted across the country, there seems to be a missed connection between what a good new home inspection is and what it actually consists of. Most people are quite aware that new home inspections are a necessary part of buying a home. However, when it comes to what the inspectors are actually looking for, there is a bit of confusion. So to help everyone get a better understanding of what providers of home inspection services do and what they look for, we put this post together for you.

What do home inspectors look for?

The easy answer is…
Home inspectors and providers of home inspection services are looking for faults within a home that may prove to be hazardous if left unrepaired or unmitigated, possible damage that may be hidden, structural damage to the building itself, possible hazards such as mold and the areas that may be prone to mold growth, among other things.

Checking the exterior of the house…

The first thing an inspector will check is the full exterior of the home looking for any faults or damage that may become a concern. Typically inspectors will check for things like regions that may leak or cause water seepage into the actual structure, problems that may affect the integrity of the structure, as well as any visible damage. Inspectors will also climb on top of the structure to check for signs of damage and weakness on the roof of the home itself, looking for loose tiling and panels, weak spots, and damaged boards.

Checking the interior…

Once the exterior has been fully evaluated, inspectors will move inside for a non-invasive inspection of the complete interior of the home. This is often to check for signs of damage that may not be completely noticeable or visible to the prospective buyers.

Beyond looking for damage to the interior, a proper inspection includes a thorough check of all of the internal systems and workings of the home. This includes thoroughly inspecting the plumbing, electrical wiring, and even heating and cooling systems throughout the home. A home inspector will check each system for signs of damage as well as take note of any potential for future repairs that may be due to simple wear and tear.

It is after an inspector has finally conducted a thorough screening of the entire home, both inside and out, that a recommendation and report will be made.

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